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impressions, and alive to the conversation of persons

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nated by a yellow flag; and to prohibit communication with, or passage

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degrees of disease, that former experience had taught us to be

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usefully substituted for blood-letting." He has found aconite

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Ztsclir. f. llyg., Leipz., 1891, x. 155-162.— Boone (K. W.)

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at intervals of variable duration with a frequently quotidian type

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operative treatment recommended in long-standing pelvic abscess,

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Oct 19 Endorama (Endocrinology Conference) - 7:30 AM; Sioux Valley Hospital Phy Center, Conference Room II; Info:

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glycerine, to which is subsequently added 250 grammes methyl

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bon dioxide, a waste product. That is the essential

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In the fasciculus for June, 1886, of the JRivista Clinica

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xliii, 497; Die Herkunft der endogenen Harnpurine bei Mensch und Saugethier,

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lain together, but that, although she was willing to

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feeling that the accused was made a scape-goat for the

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lymphatic temperament. Menstruation had always been profuse, especially if

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the signioid groove, in addition to which, numerous vascular, perivascular,

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be due to an angiotoxin produced in the growth of the bacteria in the body.

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principles in the treatment of acute peritonitis, physiologic rest

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untimely death is deeply regretted by many friends, professional and

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will show either the existence of disease of the kidneys, or that these

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presents the student with a tunnel view of health care

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of colds, beginning in the nose and followed by a cough,

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The New York Polyclinic— Dr. Carl Koller, formerly of

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oscillate in the veins, while it moves with a uniform but rapid

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restricted, the latter being usually denominated Calisthenics,

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and I think I ought to apologize some for proposing a subject of so

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patient after ten days of normal temperature was discharged well.

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raspberry and currant bushes, etc., etc., and is especially prevalent apparently

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cases they are a disgrace to the district. School boards are

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is so apparent that such an examination is quite uncalled for ;

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fact, and thereby induced to act upon it, the health

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Graham, D. "Some points in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Dysentery occurring in the

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corneal margin is the variety most likely to be overlooked, errone-

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aspirates which had histologic correlation for diagnostic

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eases which the human family is heir to, and which has

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hardly fail of being more effectual than most of those now

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less animal; civilization, or the perfected state of social life is ad-