working equipment for reaching these results remains to be dis-
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results, cannot be used in all cases by the practitioner
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(Case of I'ompound comminuted fVactiire of the thigh.) Tr.
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impulse given to the blood by the muscular action of the heart gives rise
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On Surgical Malpractice. — Prof. George C. Black-
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direct connection with the case, four weeks before his death.
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probably due to its narrow limit of availability. Squeezing between
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is the effusion. This, if in large quantity, or if not rapidly absorbed,
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I recommend to the attentive perusal of every student. Dr. Houston
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rious and distressing feature of the disease; and is the more remark-
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the Saranac Laboratory under the personal supervision of
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internal viscera. Transmission takes place through the bloodvessels, and
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thighs, " hard as iron " to the touch, and giving the animal an
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justified in lancing the gums in the last nineteen years.
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homoeopathic meeting called to meet in Providence, January 2, 1874.
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walls of the capillary vessels. Erom these parts it extends
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twenty hours, when it was filtered through animal charcoal, fresh ether
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ell's view of the non-existence of the non-coagulable proteid in
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justified the means. The urgency of symptoms was such that we used two
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fatty degeneration is conspicuous). They occur in traces constantly in dis-
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that the plastic materials as such effected the construction and
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Dispensaries, which are to be constructed and furnished in
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to open probably into the distal extremity of the oviduct or into the
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■^^ Profetdor of Phytiology in the College of PhyticUvns and Swrffeong, New Tork» Ae.
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Eec. d'opbt.. Par., 1897, '3. s., xix, 249-253. — Walker
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catarrh the purulent sediment was usually mixed with quantities ol
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to a pint (500 cc.) of water and the steam inhaled. Sulphurous acid
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