sions, it is because pregnancy has not ended soon enough to prevent the pathological
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eases represented by smallpox; the prophylaxis depending upon the
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larger cities to this end, especially in Philadelphia and New
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ture and horticulture, 196 on English philology and education,
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plete. When it is complete, the posterior ligament of
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teeth systematically and regularly. It is " our plain duty "
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hand: — they may refer it to general temperament — or to the
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reasons which he does not state he believes that this method calls for
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treatment he voided twenty-three lumbrici in four days. He
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was shortly iitt;ickeJ with acute pain, tympanites, vomiting, &c., sunk,
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of pregnancy. Operation was performed under ether, the uterus
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that the amount of urine had decreased, and that the
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(2) Ectropion of the Lips. — This may be caused by enlargement
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205-209. — Curtis (F. U.) Keport upon tbe outbreak of
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were found in i3 out of the 20 cases and glasses given.
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The uterus was normal in size and position, and freely
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delivered the Croonian Lectures for 1880, thus speaks of the
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from which it appears that the operation has in re-
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In a large proportion of the cases of retroflected uterus which I have seen
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so than is consistent with a history of an illness of
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causes (inebriety, male sex and middle life, rickets, diabetes, gout, malaria).
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labour. The changes are due probably " to the diaphragmatic points of in-
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ly contused by a street-car passing over it. There was, how-
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" Medical students are very apt to fall into the same mistake as is occasion-
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" otitis," a most painful affection, causing constitutional disturb-
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toiiiloy (.J. T.) Exostosis of liones of face and skull;
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Homeopathic treatment. The other case, a child of four years, ter-
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nervous system was recognized the earlier in the man.
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radiant energy to meet the needs of tuberculous patients, the
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wider than Sweden or Prussia, Austria or Trance ; his pupils are to be
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admitted under Besnier. A large ulcer, 2 inches in diameter, was present on the fore-
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nourished, and perhaps slaps his cliest and says, "But
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1. Some Complications of Typhoid Fever. Louis Guinon.
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