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Europeans is almost unknown, in Eurasians it is compara-
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experience, or accidental observation, of the effects
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ble victory cannot be gained without first having a.
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The dog was then made to inhale air passing over an
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In our preliminary experiments on the cultivation of rat trypanosomes
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case of ascites. The patient says, that she feels a
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stagnant pools in this "polder," and the malarial endemic is conse-
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t)ie junction with the Mole, butafter it has received the sewage
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1890) after giving the history of a case of progressive atrophy of the
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was opened with a rather long incision, but it was found
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complete, but the patient sometimes becomes apathetic. In the most
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of seeing Dr. Sims operate upon a typical case of cervical epithelioma, a pa-
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fifty years of age ; his hair is not at all grey, and what is al-
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the mucosa. Oft-recurring acute gastritis is followed by the chronic
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The late Gazelle has produced a good deal of discussion among
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hemorrhage takes place when the ulcerations have hardly begun, when
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intermittents, remittents, jaundice, and continued fever.
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have been a most serious obstacle to an exact knowledge of
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cellulitis, metritis, salpingitis, ovaritis, etc. ; from gonor-
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in all probability, as pointed out by Dr Carpenter,
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fluid behind the gauze which came away after the removal of the gauze.
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his more highly educated associate — the physician. The
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the ground inclines towards houses drawing their drinking-
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theria and in which diphtheria bacillus had been found. So far as his
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measures having reference to the removal of mental causes which may have
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of Soda and 6 grains of Chlorate of Potash, dissolve in a glass
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After the death of the first president of Guy's the office was offered
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there is another distant and mysterious factor — the more or less complete
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lose the game. In flying, where the aviator's life is at stake, equal
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water, let it stand for twenty-four hours in a close vessel, then transfer it to a
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see Pharmaceutical Association, in session at the same
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tunity of seeing specimens of it luider the microscope.
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Case 3. Mrs. R. ; aged, 52, housekeeper; widow, brunette,
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