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The best things to hold splints in place are straps which can be
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the connection between irritations within the alimentary canal and symp*
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In the case of the frog's heart, it has been shown by Gaskell that
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The curative power of blisters is probably due far more to reflex
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Spanish Fly blister to the coronet. (See "To Blister," under
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Since then, bacteriological and parasitological data have been
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if there be any apprehension of encountering snakes, not to go out before having
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the villi near the cscum gave an intense reaction. It
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I must however observe, that great discrimination is required in the
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An Essav on the Reduction of Obesity — A Reliable and Harmless
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stain of hematine, or hydrochlorate of cruentine ; while, at
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Mary, has called, after riding eleven miles on a loaded lumber
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Derivation. — Nitric acid, 180 ; hydrochloric acid, 820. Chemical
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brought her to me at just the right time for opera-
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of an intracranial neoplasm or of cerebrospinal lues.
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respiration. The man had died, accidentally suffocated from this mechanical
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Ritteri says that personal observations in the University of
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book is unnecessary; it is not recommended. — J. D.
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in this case was the profound shock that followed the injury. When
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was carried into the carotids and subclavians. At the Meath she
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ment for the illegal practice of medicine, this penalty
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Goddard (2) advises that in his last 460 juvenile delinquents, 21 r r
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to void it out in his due time. The spleen draweth from the blood
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strongly supported by the fact that the soundings made, ascer-
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their readiness to empty themselves. Some cannot be
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larly excavated shreddy greyish surfaces. The margins and the sur-
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venienced in this manner, and who yet swallowed the oil without any
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have been a most serious obstacle to an exact knowledge of
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Koch's bacillus is absent (Du Pasquier). This form of nephritis causes
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tion, are sent each day to the Inspector-General, and give a perfect
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^ De Vinfluence des alterations du rein sur les glandes surrenales, Thbse de Paris, 1907.
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order become rapidly developed into those of acute glanders.
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matters connected with the delusion he is incapable of estimating facts
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measured off. The point thus determined is marked on the nose.
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