been subjected to the administration of bichloride of mer-

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the membranes, and which compresses and squeezes the contents of the

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Italian language, if on examination they are found desirable for this Journal, will be

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jusiness of certificate-writing was carried, and the

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the body seems shriveled. The pulse is very feeble and

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stand that the former may have acquired toxical properties not belonging

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of the organism against infection has been indicated by

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and quotes the figures of Franz, who operated abdominally

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sold for $11,000, or more than the champion. In the show were 8 or

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observations had been made respecting rickety bones, during the continuance of their

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place to discuss an abstruse and controversial question, and it will be

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the delivery of the placenta, in order to ascertain the

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kept in bed by the imposition of some restraint. Usually, however,

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disease his newly discovered diplococci will be found and inclines to

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very desponding about his complaints, which he much exaggerates. Jan. 10th. —

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demanded) for the relief of great oedema, the use of incisions with

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ern and middle sections of the United States toward the sea-

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the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society, by tracings and otherwise, that

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ingenious contrivance, an arrangement was made by which ft^od

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by Dr. Sterling Euffin because of a nervous breakdown.

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Clinical adverse expenences occurring in 05 to lOpercent of patients in controlled tnals included: Body

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1. He shall make known in writing the process of breeding, feeding,

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Ariillery at Woolwich, but a very inconsiderable mortality fell

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at large. We can not enter into any eorrespondmce concerning our

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mon experience, that it is impossible to ascertain the relative

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marks of violence on the person and about the genital organs. Even if sper-

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hemorrhage from different mucous surfaces. Thus it is sj'mptomatic of

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dislocated : afterwards carrying the knife through the joint,

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evidence of rickets in but 3 of 475 cases, and Tschistowitch in none of 100

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lateral bending, which caused knock-knee or bow-leg, and anteroposte-

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little value, I have noted but a few of the best of the

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[Read before Connecticut Homeopathic Medical Society, May 16, 1882.]

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denoted by frequency of the i)ulse, prostration, etc., is much greater in

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