The Pseudo-Quintilian Declamation 8 is, of course, a work of
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and morbidity, so the primary consideration of the Burn
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treatment of . . . ) Orvosi hetil., Budapest, 1889, xxxiii,
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spect the appendix in operating in its neighborhood, espe-
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injected, and after a few seconds the needle is rapidly
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the United Slates, in the government of the marine hospitals on the At-
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mania; in another there was "misery and despondency."
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mouth, and still wearing one of the wedges, Avhich she had become
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been received as coming under the category of prophe-
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med. di Roma, 1892-3, xix, 284-327. Also : Atti d. r. Accad.
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quid of the tranquillizing weed, upon drawing the box from his pocket,
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7. Applying metallic wires around the fragments to appro.xiniate them
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subcutaneous infusion prolonged the patient's life for a greater
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most unjustly become obsolete in modern medicine. In the new section upon
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diac orifice eleven months. The location of the for-
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ger for the institute might be a useful substitute for the seem-
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but died about eight months later in a hospital in Wash-
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farther. (Why not?) Typhoid symptoms now began to show them-
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depths of the bone withoul showing any external Bymptoma
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laboratories include vesicular nuclei and syncytial
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introduced, he considers restorative agents increasing waste, antiseptics, excito-
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hall with Jones, were attacked, but recovered. P. E.
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ess of interstitial gingivitis extending through the alveo-
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liver oil. They urge that cod-liver oil cannot be ob-
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of the intra-cranial pressure and the general symptoms consequent upon
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forcibly through the inguinal canal. Thus a small opening
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dence of intestinal obstruction. Some patients are accustomed
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not spare the impostors — we shall lay before the
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judice against the source from which they spring. The
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George M. Gould, A. M., M. D., assisted by eminent American physicians and
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and his calm judgment are now recorded for the bene-
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ous affections generally occur in connection with various
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which numbered 132 in March, increased s The rough plaster, instead of the fine