by means of the Politzer bag. In these instances an electric suc-
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(3,) The existence of two malarial parasites — the quaitan and
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Deaths in Boston forthe Aveek ending Saturday noon, Jan.24th, 90. Males, 45 — Females,
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lines to three-fourths of an inch, with irregular points. It was ascertained
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'Nichols, A. H.. "Eeport on an Outbreak of Intestinal Disorder Attribut-
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changes. They were delircred to the third ami (oorth cla-nscs as
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qualities : " Nous avons k notre disposition un produit naturel
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erythrocytes. The inflammation established by reason of the
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was merely the appearance of a bruise on the head, and the cord was ruptured
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execution of necessary hygienic improvements, is an anomaly
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myelitis of lower end of femur. (Jhicago Clin. Rev., 1896-
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produced by violent sneezing. Erasmus Darwin t places ster-
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Washington, Ga., Beaufort, S. C, St. Augustine, and Galveston, as well as
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are essentially the tersulphuret of antimony, with a variable pro-
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FOR AUTHORS. This material may be obtained from the Journal office.
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of frequent occurrence. Diminution of mental capacity,
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nated acidosis as the cause of eclampsia, but identified
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8. ConvulsUms resulting from the pressure of extraneous matter
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special substance, milk, is given it to act on. It may be argued
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water containing the specific poison, Dr. Budd relates the follow-
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lighting is effected by Benham's ventilating gas globe lights,
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the knuckles. Microscopically, the nodules were said to
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urinary atony, blurred vision, desiccation of secretions, or an
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forms of ulceration about the soft palate -and fauces, and
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healing. This degree of injury is commonly observed in burns from gun-
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epileptic coma, opium poisoning, alcoholic drunkenness, and trauma.
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the softening, and the pus is the result, and not the cause of the
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Mr. Pearson, when attached to the Lock Hospital, London, uniformly
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the same initial dose, i.e. 0.000,000,1 to reach the
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are of no utility. Electricity applied to the brain is a doubtful measure, and
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and this was introduced at the ninth intercostal space, close to the angles of
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derangement of the system at these times. These symp-
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alkaline bitter stomachic, composed of sodium bicar-
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peripheral veins. There was a disgust for food, imperfect
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