either in the pharynx, palate, or tongue, excepting

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to my knowledge were not cases of vaccinal erysipe-

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sary because of some antecedent disease which has left one limb

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flammatory dysmenorrhea is the last type. This should

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The course of the disease, while it is marked by shorter or longer

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implanted and the difference between variola or small-

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acute jaundice, with degeneration of the liver ; secondly, as

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spond to the action of light energy are, as has been stated,

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John •, aged eight, a robust boy, son of vigorous pa-

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intra-spinal injection. (') Without going into detail at this moment,

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reduction was done — the interposed muscles were pushed away, the

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few moments, but remembers a combatant officer dressing

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Lakmuth, Mark 0., Esq., to the Workhouse of the Salford Union.

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6pt piB punba jenim J?yppm 14 ylcan pypte leap 15 mib

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found a cyst, a little larger than an infant head, which

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but the critical position of the case was more forcibly shown by the

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months in the hospital, during which time she suffered very little

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of this disease as occurring in infantile life, it will require but a brief con-

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have succeeded equally well with those performed by means

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Of special interest are those cases to which Graves and Biermer

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A microscopic examination of the excised parts, by Dr. S.

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in the writer's individual experience that it is regarded as

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predispose to it, the special cause of cirrhosis is believed to be

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tember 5 a fourth treatment was given, all symptoms were relieved and the

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as well as the chemical analyses, except the Wassermann tests, were

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importunate, I give small doses — 1/32 to 1/16 grain —

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edema. In only one of the seven groups of children born to these seven

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Physicians, after they were named the 1993 recipients of the Laureate Award.

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groups. First, “random flaps” have a blood supply that is

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The worry is that in the wake of this focus, the rela-

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by the surgeons both before and after the operation.

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largely to our resources. Thus it will be admitted that the doctrines of

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the thorax ; next the upper extremities ; followed by the abdo-

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The fluid is slightly alkaline, contains traces of albumin, yields a precipitate

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to the householders, or making personal visits. We shall have to show

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been enumerated may take place. In some cases the newly-formed blood-

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(3d) edition of this work, I have given abstracts of several cases of this