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in Julv, or four months after leaving off Zittman's treatment.

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of Cairo. It is sandwiched between the lungs, liver, spleen,

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thought were pellagra. I do not have occasion to see these cases except

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four or five operations an unfortunate result may be

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Frequency. — It is impossible to form any calculation as to the

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ness and prevention of disease during the approaching summer, have been

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less convincing than the preceding. It occurred in the ser-

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ses of the respiratory centre are similar, and you can-

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ferwaid and backward, and from side to side ; while the convulsive

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a peculiar absence of the ordinary signs of the disease and only a

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is frankly unequal to the task. With four rabbits' ears super-

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it the contagion-idea altogether, has prevailed over

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teresting class of patients with whom we have to deal — those pa-

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it. In some cases, however, I tried the prisms without eff"ect;

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tients at hospitals, as well as to the rights of the staff to a

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medicine, and is the organ of the Iowa State Medical

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elastic bandage should not be removed until fifteen

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infiltrate in the septum. 5B. Case 3. Lipid droplets in the alveolar spaces. |i

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Nutritive enemata are given for the first forty-eight

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and in that case the round ligaments were developed

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accounting for the changes found — and that the influ-

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be furnished with the final report of the committee.

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and XXL), death occurring within a week. The spinal cord

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that they can hardly be considered as possessing any

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grow larger than a sixpence or a shilling and are at first absolutely undis-

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exerts but little outward pressure, and does not extend beyond the

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That ARSENiTE OF coFFKK was present m . - . • . . . ,

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atria were noted, the arms and hands were the gateway for the poison