tion of the head of the radius forwards and upwards,! but the record is so brief
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epithelium of the ovum. The delicate chitinous covering of the
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upon the old one. Retaining essentially the anatomical basis
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Diabetic patients are unusually tolerant to opium and its alkaloids, and
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artery may cause inequality of the pulses. The right auricle
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If the English scheme wore a complete one — which it is not ;.
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that the child would wake in fright and jump, after being laid on the back
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this question I am decidedly inclined to give a negative answer, relying
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November 28th. — ^The joint has become swollen and
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salutary lessons from the statistics of the health of the navy which are
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action described as occurring in the animals of Group 1. In both
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The treatment should therefore be mild. Giv€ the colt a long
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cardiac walls, and the surface, unlike other parts of the
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Dr. Stockton, which is in line with so many reports of cases that have been
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Cold: Its Effects TTpon the Eldkrlt. — ^Dr. J. Milner
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manifestly hastening to a fatal termination, and that
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thought that the alkaloid thus obtained, is not quinia proper, but the an-
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ing the upper end of the vagina, I now passed a strong
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institution has continued to do excellent work. A considerable
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Notes for the Study of sojie Constitutional Diseases . , 353
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of the dark ages, Sydenham holds a very diflinguifhed rank.
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just above the left nipple ceased at once after proper treatment
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ments which might be mentioned here, but every physi-
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selected, and the numerous illustrations, most of them orig^al,
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he now begins by exhibiting' half a drachm at once. One case is mentioned,
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. Dull headache, more in the occiput and towards the left
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trouble, and he thought they might each predispose to the new growth.
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In that worst form of scarlet fever, the scarlatina maligna, all
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obvious. The increasing number of letters of appre-
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of manufacturing Thomsonian Botanic Medicines, exclu-
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be remembered also, that to color tea sometimes lead is used.
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within easy reach it should be done even if there be an anal
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the development of symptoms, I think, must be very rare. I do not think