no ulceration, but a thick, swollen, and stretched violet appearance
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There are no records of autopsies in uncomplicated chickenpox, so
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treatment of . . . ) Orvosi hetil., Budapest, 1889, xxxiii,
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chasers is shown by testimonials ; we have space for
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Among these he did three for the removal of cancer-
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But very little interest was manifested for things past and gone — the
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probably produced in the innominate aneurysm, or possibly
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Sixth. — Improvement of the well-being of the patient, as shown
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erkannten Garungen, Biochemischea Centralblatt, 1907, Band 6, No 16/17, pp.
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suffering with locomotor ataxia probably of syphilitic
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regularly and freely open, and to promote a due determination to the
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not consider that it was necessary to issue an injunction, and
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development of mitral incompetence, as may happen during a febrile
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duty.'" In closing the speaker paid a glowing tribute to the
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the intestinal tract with calomel and salines; salol in
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mental and physical development who have undergone an acute
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biologic reactions. Kinsella and Swift, from a study of a limited
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when the head should always go first. The bearers should break
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tfferences above described, it is common to meet with cases of imputed
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pupils are usually dilated, the one on the side of the lesion being the
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evidence of after-injury need result. The animal that has
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quested Messrs. Brittain & Barber to alter the waist-
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Confer, internat. serv. san. il. chemius defer [etc.]. C. r.,
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relieved and begs that the measure may be discontinued. Recollecting
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keep her bowels open by rhubarb and magnesia, with occa-
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urine at ^yi inches from the meatus ; this measure-
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in the trachea both micrococci and bacteria were present in large quanti-
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well shown in the cast). Tlie patient was knocked down, and
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14. — 75 Ditto, Waistcoat Pocket size, 2i in. X 4J in... 6d. 5s.
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period — or even two or three days after parturition.
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than a quarter of an hour she was fast asleep. At first, the discliarge
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therapeutic agency with which to thwart the potentialK
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[On mild of ty))hoid fever.] Jundendo Ijikeulcu
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his meals in the kitchen; did not know <vhether he
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the day of leaving his house, or at any time afterwards. ^ body *as i