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staff surgeons with the rank of lieutenant-commander, thirty-

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liver oil externally it seems to be a new remedy, ac-

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being the additional element of fracture or dislocation, in-

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2',), 1H78. number of this journal, the reader will find

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slightly so of feet, unconsciousness for five to ten seconds,

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Domingo. Three years later, in one of the Spanish expeditions

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severe cases it may be as high as 150. This increase is observed from

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made in behalf of the people who would otherwise be

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in the form of strong adhesions and a layer of false membrane, cedematous

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approach of a very serious malady which may terminate life.

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Lenhartz treated 295 cases of gastric ulcer with a more nourishing diet

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bitter taste, and soluble in water and alcohol. (2) Conval-

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Of interest in this connection is the work of Pringsheim,^ who

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impedes respiration through the nose, and affects the

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means of stimulation had been resorted to without avail,

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Abdominal Operations. — By B. G. A. Moynihan, M. S. (London), F. R.

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magistrates, medical officers, and inspectors may occur, and must

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There is a singular rule in our law relative to the- period at which a person

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disease: One 200 mg capsule 3 times daily for up to

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breathing, and bronchophony ; and, at the other side, by a feeble inspiratory,

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agreement — I could go at any time. I said I'd like

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These guidelines propose a broad-based immunization

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a corresponding higher standing will be demanded for a given

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draw-tube.. If on so doing the dust particles remain in an unchanged posi-

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emaciated, and had smart fever. Respiration hurried, and right side

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Professor ; but five years later we find it decided "anent the

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wrote in 1756, belongs the credit of giving a full inter-

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quired to be closed with three extra sutures. The uter-

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causes put together. As an instance of this neglect, who has not

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cirrhosis, ascites is met with in 80 per cent, of the cases fatal from the

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purgation repeated from time to time." In regard to

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much. I now present the case to the Fellows for examination.

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from the serious lethal effects which ma} 7 " follow the adminis-

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algid forms (hemorrhagic, dysenteric, choleriform, syncopal, etc),