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which appears to lay the foundation of this disease,
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remains. But this is enough to produce an eddy of the blood,
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tion and literature, there were presented at this meeting interesting and
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lesionless. Some varieties are met with only among the very poor, but the
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mence until the food had been changed. If it be possible to
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believe in the laws of nature as deduced from medical experience in the teachings of
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ited experience say that Christian Fenger was the most profound and
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It is not our present purpose to speak exhaustively of the symp-
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Beef Court of Inquiry, appointed to investigate General Miles' charges
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saved. In most of such cases examined by us we have not found,
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to be performed by the sofa, inside which the bedding
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the growth was the erosion of the carotid artery. The only portion of
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medicale, 1889, page IH), having observed three cases of scarlet
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eleven years (commencing at the time at which I began to
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to the flow of urine and pus into the bladder, a favorable termination may be
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experience, or accidental observation, of the effects
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nt.^f.f^'l"/'"' ■'^' J" '"'^f '-"^ assistant surgeon. Granted leave of
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The diagnosis of portal thrombosis as often extremely difficult. "A
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^iven year, and 17,000 sailing vessels and 4,000 steamers
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Dr. Gavin Milroy, a very high authority upon such subjects,
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hand: — they may refer it to general temperament — or to the
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nized by intense itching on the covered parts of the body,
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should be so in the higher animals — death occurs
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Vicq-d'x4.zyr, yet it may still be regarded, in some degree, as a
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ble that the entrance of air into the peritoneal cavity was the curative factor; an
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which happened to be dissolved into the water ; in proof of which, lead has
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since utterly discarded it, and his feelings were about
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death is deeply mourned, and very warm sympathy is felt for Mrs.
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urally a surgeon is not anxious to open the abdomen if
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can now be made available for careful study and ob-
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"%esolved, That * * * the Illinois State Board of Health declines
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This lens had, however, no real existence for the surgeon. Too
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erally unsatisfactorj'^, that any new method promising
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respiration over the lower part of the lung posteriorly but it
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witness a sig-nature to a will, or to yield to a friendly bias in
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a small hen's egg, the other about one-half as large. As