Occasionally a patient will be found who, though com-
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says this correspondent, is 34.01, or more, per 1,000, in-
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altogether beyond our reach — nothing more could be done, and
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tracting force of the bladder, acting through the column
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and should not be added in. Dr. Worcester of Cincinnati
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from the incorrect and vicious opinions entertained in respect to
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normal pituitary function preserved in greater than 90%
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place he is considered an imbecile, and is declared
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pupil of Boerhaave, had a strange, unfortunate career. He fell
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tained in pure culture. The two reactions which are specific and re-
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em2)ty the stomach as rajndly as possible. In other
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pandemic. We should encounter, in doing so, considerable differ-
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ment and ability to conduct the case to a favorable termination.
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of the chamber was blackened with soot. A voltmeter was placed
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called diabetic collapse. It occurs more in elderly per-
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ence of urine marked the onset of this patient's disease four
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Notice to members of proposed constitutional amendment
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consumption. There has been much speculation as to the
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Avhich, perhaps, have contributed towards this opinion : first, that rheu-
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fourth day, and their stomachs were dissected and stained. In one specimen only
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and also carries a delicate thermometer, the bulb of which is placed near
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(2) How may it be overcome ? I believe that in the majority of cases
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yard Haven, Mass., to Baltimore, Md., for duty. Novem-
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moyen h6mostatique preventif dans les operations chirnr-
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jected to the gradually increasing and equable pressure of the pregnant
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symptoms being of minor importance. To quote an example :
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apposition as to obviate the collection of secretions. By
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following would seem to have been his reasoning, viz. : — nitric acid is
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served, he established with certainty a diminution in the number of
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human worms are endowed with organs of procreation, in the
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Gresswell, that bovine tuberculosis can be stamped out as
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onset. A recent study demonstrated that, for patients with
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nevertheless, to Leave a free vent, as the presence of any
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able to find any stages of the trypanosome in the flea-debris which
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giving a total of 2287. The shower was seen to great advan-