is by making observations in the hottest portions of the engine-

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Chestertown, Md.; Secretary-Treasurer. F. B. Hinbs,

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experiments upon himself, with various poisonous drugs,

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tilation. Not only may the ozone itself be harmful, but the higher

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bear a glimmer of daylight, nor distinguish the largest objects.

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only, with the smallest propriety, be offered against its abuse.

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regarding hiemophilia, lymphorrhagia, cedema, &c.

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cause of death detected by the attending physician. Two

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no evidence that the trypauosome is capable of retaining its vitality in

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time practicable nor essential. For practical purposes there is

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in 1961 to support research and training at institutions in the

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of our city hospitals ; and, in spite of all remedies, lasted for six

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that actual diseases of the arteries and heart, that is, other than the

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ward position. We therefore constructed an extra headpiece to

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failed, and the patient was discharged with a useful,

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lays stress on the importance of overcoming constipation

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those described in the section on neurasthenia. Aside from these

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heard in the simple congestion of typhus. A gangrenous cavity

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portance, in typhus fever, as its steadiness. If it shift often from

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ger of making too free with good flesh, and of feeding beyond

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relation to the terms disinfectant and antiseptic, because the

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" Argonin vs. Boric Acid in Acute Suppuration of the Middle Ear "

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greatly widening its scope and increasing its usefulness to

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racy of his descriptions, we shall content ourselves with a

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CM. II. Uigh Commendation : Willijira S. Anrlereon, M.B.,

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ing method for curing hysterical aphasia, consideration should be given to selecting

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growth, oxygen requirements, temperature, behavior to