instances, but in two cases only had eclampsia been put down

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A Cellar which opens inside a dwelling should be kept as

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sample of gelatin, slightly darker in color, but prepared in the

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'^ina. It is induced either by overexercise or by alcoholic intoxication.

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symptoms become less severe, the fever falls, and the period of desquamation

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barren of well-ascertained facts beyond the influence of age. In the vast

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parasite deposits in the gallery in which it is lodged.

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preceded years previously by other manifestations of this diathesis, such as

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after the injury ; a period which may vary from a few days to months.

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cular excavation, the evidence of the existence of emphysema would

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solution, and to avoid irritation. He had been told by

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Shaw, who presents plates showing " interrupted " degenera-

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The Indications for Cholecystectomy. Dr. Frederick B. Willard.

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It is well to first make a microscopical examination of the stool by taking one of

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important messages regarding early cancer detection

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cinomatous masses in such cases is beyond the ken of

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of the Respiratory Organs, Heart, and Kidneys," 1875 I

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of Revision of the U. S. P.; Charles Caspari, Jr., Ph. G., Phar. G.,

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fluid is usually normal. In certain cases which had an uninter-

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simply impossible, but the paper will immediately appear in

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admit that the success of the astrigent treatment in

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if we discovered that there existed a single drop of purulent matter

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where, and to obviate ocular injury at the expense of other

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gather and pucker the peritoneum and to penetrate the uterine wall

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r The average duration of acute bronchitis is ten or twelve days. In severe

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Acute disease of the adnexa with pelvic peritonitis; 2 cases.

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arising from scarlet fever, and they are frequently spoken of as glomerular

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for many of the particulars in this part of my narrative, especially for

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tion of various solid media. E. histolytica has not yet been culti-

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centred round the gallows in the Castlegate, and the " hangings,"

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work into which so much had to be compressed. It is surely