tended, but care must be used lest sloughing follow. A small sewing-

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father and uncle, and humanized virus was their dependence for seventy

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Ophthalmoplegia : BUZZARD. Lectures, pp. 180 foil. BRISTOW. Brain, viii.

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the antiseptic solution to penetrate everywhere into the deeper parts.

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method, and Themistokles destroyed himself, when he feared he

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products. So in a sense physicians have lost the respect of

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should always be confined within the bounds of salivation; that the general

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bricks to the feet, — also, a diffusively stimulant liniment to the

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nicious practice of plying them with alcohol during their monthly periods.

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wounds be flabby or languid, the addition of balsam of Peru to

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on February 5th the pulse was 96, temperature and respi-

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joint should be the separation of the dorsal flap from the astragalus. This

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and the membranes entire, let them be ruptured by the pressure

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tion satisfies us that the same vice for its accomplishment adopts

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plays, besides collaborating in the composition of others. But his works

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the 4th, 5th, and 6th of May he took forty grains of quina, notwith-

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greatly aids in appreciating diminished expansion, and it is

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means of which a constant |)ressure is obtained, whatever

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partly on clinical grounds (which this case favors), partly

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by a midwife in her third confinement. After a normal labour the

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the situation of the point of maximum pain, and by the sequelae —

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with rain water, or flour made into a paste with the same water, with the addition

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leraic dian'hoea is essentially the same disease as

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and the Pyrenean spas generally ; and in this country Harrogate and

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re observe the different sounds produced on tightening thin silk,

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flicts so little injury upon important viscera, and has already

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Soemmering, Prochafka, &.c. ; and the Academy of Dijon long

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extensive ; his patient, however, insisted, and the physician though

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ure to cold, privation, or mental or physical shock. The original symp-

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B. — Cases with Endocarditis attacking a heart already affected with

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become extinct ; the limbs became remarkably rigid. With

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a second and larger growth, whicli had formed the bed of that already

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ment of typhoid fever. He reports 43 consecutive cases

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and Dr. Osier, under whose care she is, inclines to

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lishing cheap, though not free, baths and washing-houses

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invalid. It was contended for the respondent that his appointment

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from a second series of experiments, he arrives at the