time considerable attention in the recent German Surgical Congress, in
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Trichiniasis. — At the suggestion of Prof. Rckitansky
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Dr. Casselberry — I accept that statement as being a
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traced to the husband. The doctor informs me that some ankylosis of
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lo be examined at necropsies the cirrhotic process is seldom or
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boys had 12,826 defective teeth and only 2.1 Ifi sound ones. Only 19
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A solution of adrenalin chloride in the strength of 1 to 10,000
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amyotrophy, but arrives at this conclusion by a process of exclusion.
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either medicinal or dietetic. Last year we performed a similar operation
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and does not increase with the disease of the liver
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are sadly deficient in their general education ; a second look at their let-
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same way, and with the same set of symptoms as the first. The whining
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Bailhache, p. H.. Surgeon. — To examine officers and cadets
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sentation but also position ought to be made out. The finger is
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tween the different bronchial tubes, which could not occur if the ordinary
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chance that suitable employment may be found for the case.
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tained, 48 the frequency with which the endomyocardial bi-
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of influenza bacilli, but in the serous pleviral effusion, due to a preceding
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movements. 3. That there was nothing peculiar to the woman
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aim of our effort is to cure. If the jjictnie of dru<;-
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obliged to open and drain them in two places. She did not rallj
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fistola uretero- vaginale e di due di fistola utero-vaginale
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mamma, would be overcome, and the lymph absorbed by compression.
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limited to certain parts. These have been very properly distinguished as
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in advising the young medical students to cultivate all their senses,
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diate or proximate organic cause must always be the same, however different
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very dissimilar, owing to the great difference between
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operation for persistent paresis of the superior or inferior
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the former symptoms of the progressing change ; and I have more than once
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world so valuable a treatise. I shall certainly put it forward to my classes as one of the best
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forming a delivery were substituted for suturing a minor
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and the soundness of his teaching. And although we are