these insects cause the disease by inoculating the original fully developed

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It was understood that Dr. White should apply a second ligature, and

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show a loss of epithelium. The casts are usually expelled in

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As may be inferred from what precedes, the north and northwest are the

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rhinedema. To relieve the venous stasis, washing of the

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The apparatus itself is composed of a small board made

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For the convenience of using as much turpentine as we

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developed. I have also here before me on the table the

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, The healthiest, hest, and most delicious Aliment for

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Is a useful and powerful solvent, acting at the same

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the pain was excessive. In several the general symptoms of neu-

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in active phthisis. It may, however, be so slightly

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Society, held on May 7, 8, and 9, 1890 : President , Dr. J.

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readily. In the consideration of the treatment of these cases by

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the region of the posterior nares, some of them very

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ment, which, he states, hardly ever requires modifica-

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t.hi>;h imiscles he conid exert a force of twelve pounds — a

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sles is, that it is very constantly attended with an inflammatory

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them. These growths resemble fibromata and sometimes

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attained by (1) baking bread without a middle course, and allow 1 1-2 litres of

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in the middle of the brain, resting near the corpus callosum

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District 18: J. G. Dunn, Jr. (Covington), reappointed,

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i^ gland 4- ^/<fiP^<C obstruction.] Glandular

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tomical nomenclature, properly called the tractus spinocerebellaris dorsalis by

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be incised, and the contents evacuated. The shrunken globe should be

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A ver}' helpful adjuvant is to apply with these a hot hip and leg

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regarding hiemophilia, lymphorrhagia, cedema, &c.

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why silagra is used xray the stomach and intestines

titioners, 449; Sykes, d. F. J., public health problems, 73; Talamon,

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nervous system, must be carefully excluded. Dr. Mac-

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case, the subvention of the Board of Guardians to the

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been adopted, and he expresses a regret that paracentesis thoracis

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system, that to remove an existing impression we must estab-