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tension in the abdomen. Surgical intervention was refused.

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during the induction may cause slight swelling of the mucous membrane

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receive from, or confer upon, its members ; and that the

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on " The Influence of Certain Diathetic Conditions upon

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the danger of secondary infection, and we can not subse-

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of the urine might reveal a deficient elimination of solids.

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Cotton is soaked in a very dilute aqueous solutiiui of tannic acid,

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disease is complicated with local inflammatory action, and then

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sudden, you have to distinguish them from pachymeningitis, or what

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tringent action keeps down the discharge without reach

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small clots destitute of blood-corpuscles may be seen at intervals. Drawings of

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is healthy, being, however, of course, stained by bile. Other writers have

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