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ondary to the last, it follows that calcium depletion

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he receives of oxygen, the ratio being on an average 9 to 10. I^his is ex-

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near the border on the left side of the notch, and the in-

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IS common in the tropics, and in certain cases is due to alcohol ; but

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West Indies, and is generally considered among the best

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The long list, with its unconscious display of ignorance, and its

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place it must be borne in mind that these are benign

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low. It has been recommended by some to place the thermometer

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as spent tan, cocoa-nut fibre, rags, and manure in a damp state (which in

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the enlarged glands which persist after the chancre, we shall, then, find that

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experimental psychology and logic. Physics and chemistry

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the same sagacious physician. Whoever discovers a single new

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ness," has been established by abundant clinical and experimental studies.

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solution as described. Have the child's scrupulous care taken as to cleanliness,

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and inexplicable things do occasionally happen in this world, but

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passing out in the feces, develop in the bowel, bore into the

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special care was given to the examination of the blood were there

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posure to cold, an intemperate meal, unusual exertion and fatigue,

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Certain cases demand apparatus, and this is sometimes

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tions above noticed, distinguishing this eruption from all others. The

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and an exhibition of apparatus used by Mr. Lister in carry-

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new matter, while the old has been thoroughly revised

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Then add a little (say }, cm.) for certainty's sake,

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I cannot leave the subject of preventive means with-

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and practiced there until 1944, when he joined the staff

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rubbed over with mercurial ointment, and swathed with

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time goes on, certain deformities develop. These are lateral

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This volume, a reference book rather than a text-book, contains

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at the meeting above mentioned to co-operate with them in the es-

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his experiments upon the division of the spinal marrow in the cervical region, Mr. Oruikshank