found to have developed extra-peritoneally, so that it could not be

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the sciatic nerve was restored in less than seventeen days in

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flushing of the cheeks are among the symptoms that attract attention.

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Estimation vt Indemnity in the Case of Accidental Loss of One or

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that great discovery have now gone to their reward, and

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familiarity of the individual operator, for if we may believe statis-

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tachment of the retina. Sympathetic disease had already

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was [stricken the next, as by a mortal blow, to see the cloudless

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found her, at this hour, free from pain and cheerful ; 20 drops of

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than one causing more disorganization, which comes on slowly, or is only

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1 [In this country the average quantity eliminated in twenty-four hours would

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Alcoholism and Its Treatment. By J. E. Usher, M. D.,

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were injected. The patient died at 3.30 a.m. on June 24.

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skillful cauterizations with nitrate of silver and chromic acid and

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relief and encouragement of friends and patient. It would appear, too,

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by the use of this remedy ; another patient, suffering from a relapse, wholly

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utferines du fcetus (exceute la syphilis). Bull. ni6d. du

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pains are peculiarly characteristic — nay, almost pathognomonic.

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and its protoplasm is altered into a homogeneous unstained mass with

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organisms in their respiratory passages for weeks or even months, (e)

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patient extreme pain. After the stream of water has been kept

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marriage has passed the North Dakota Senate. If it becomes law, no mar-

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creatic, and mammary glands were in like manner composed

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since it is essentially a deficiency disease, resulting in numerous bodily

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be strong, instead of weak — he is weaken- complete in two to three minutes after the

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Furthermore, if hypertrophy of the parathyroids really occurs

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all painful inflammatory affections of the above-named tissues that oc-

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In the present study I used certified milk from which the cream had been

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of the State Medical Society who could not attend its annual

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of the Christian religion, to respect and hold sacred the