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However, lie at last tliougbt that he had at his disposal a safer and

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Civil Hospital at Strasburg has been founded, and is main-

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their consistence, and in part their shape, by the extensive raniollisse-

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that distinguish it from every other disease. A bacteriologic diagnosis is

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the FcRtus in the JJtero^ and the mode of its communication ;

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getting into the vagina in females, and even into the urethra, and

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Rundschau, Berl., 1897-8, 421-424.-Sche"ller (A.) Chlorek

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plete it is usually the serous coat that remains intact, a fact which

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solutely pure, and where the tubercle bacillus is not pres-

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touch of some impalpable ego (the soul) as do the keys of a

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Internal. — The therapeutic value of tartar emetic is

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after intraperitoneal injections of B. leprce, none of the animals die as

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amenorrhoea of twelve months' standing, in which iIL

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The modus operandi of aconite and colchicum it is difficult to

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pine dwells on the not infrequent difficulties in making a

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leukocytes, is typical of the serous tuberculous exudation. On the other hand, in a

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progressive valvulitis to what there is with the static in-

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should be fed with care, as it is difficult to digest, and produces

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of Fallopius was opened up, and it was found that the portion of

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are of this latent tj'pe. Of the cases I saw in Montreal

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changed to that of City Hospital, and that numerous al-

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circumstances, for merely mechanical indications, it has, in

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to state that we do not consider it an "antiperiodic" or atonic

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to escape the consequences. In such cases many courts

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in attributing it to a sudden impediment in the coronary circulation.

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Progress in the evolution of hand movements is from ex-

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detritus resulting from the disintegration of the cells seems to be more albu-

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tributes it free at a clinic, is it liable for faulty vaccine?

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with strong healthy nurses. The average amount of milk consumed at

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of the foot compelled me to send her to bed for three or

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J. L. De la Garde. MB., to Caroline, youngest daughter of 1

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was born iu Sturbridge and died in Brimfield ; another