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Chronic Poisoning — Leprosy — Menopause — Neu-
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We are pleased to announce that we are resuming shipments of LIQUID ALBOLENE of as
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necessary to surrender so many of these cases to the
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the ^Bculapian Temple, with its auxiliaries, survives.
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Rangoon, Burma."' — Dysentery is one of our common-
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the Weekly Returns will be sold for Jd. each, the Annual
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liver, and 3.2 per cent, of the dry, fat-free substance. Another
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intemus longus nerves in the sulcus bicipitalis. Immediate relief of the symptoms. Trismus
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weight, I should say, generally, as soon as it is cool
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tion proved to be, on the average, from 5" to 10° cooler than
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On this day, with the assistance of my friend Dr. J. K. Mason, of
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rigidity in which this remedy is useful, should be performed, not forgetting,
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children. There are similar laws in some other states.
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calces which are not purely accidental, are involved in much
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times at rather trying intervals, that we undertake too