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limbs. He was a heavy whiskey drinker; had had syph-
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The urine, drawn from the bladder after death, showed
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strength, and a few hours later she died. At the autopsy
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dark that I have never seen such black mucous membranes as it
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number of examinations. It lias been found that of the cases
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tensive meningitis arose. Australas. M. Gaz., Sydney,
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a limited district, of which Aiken, South Carolina, may be regarded as
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that in the soda and lime dwells their chief if not their only usefulness. In this
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My conclusions on this head — viz , the modes of propaga-
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Lesieur * has obtained similar results, and confirms the statements
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men as Drs. Hume, of Johns-Hopkins, and George Tucker
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Ziemssen further concludes that cases of paralysis of a
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44. Mitchell, Weir : American Journal of the Medical Sciences, July, 1869.
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a central administration;, which exercises a general superin-
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titrated upward until blood pressure is controlled or to a maximum of 40 mg daily.
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Child was strong and healthy at six months of age ; she
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graduate^ went to London and took, in 1 791, the diploma of the
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The Retrospect of ]\[edicine. Edited by AY. Braithwaite, M.D., and James
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deaths, making a rate of g.oS per cent. The fifteen
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Cemetery, New Haven, by the side of his wife and several of his
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ing with cancer of the breast, lip, tongue, and many j them of recurrence. With such results from such an
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rheumatic poison. The continued use of calomel, and the constant
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in support of such a conclusion. For the history of the many epidemics
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tion is practically always secondary, and usually secondary
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A little of this solution is snuffed up into the nostrils
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was continued. On September 30, the red cells were 1,300,000, the
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in ether. Blood corpuscles are smaller than pus globules, yellow, and
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Del., criticises a statement made by Dr. A. L. Ranney in
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most important points and presenting them in a very plain and
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to the diseased surface becomes imperatively called for, but in all cases
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the spinal nerves give rise to severe pain in the back imitating that of
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Fig. 137. — A cell showing the more granular condition.
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operation uj^on the abdominal viscera, we should seek by all
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carcinomatous or sarcomatous. A recourse to it only wastes valuable