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and 1573. Edited by Mark W. Bullein and A. H. Bullein. Part I. The

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of poisoning by opium or any of its salts, but where the heart's action is greatly

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In praise of one of the plasters enumerated in the list,

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find that all but ten of the fifty-seven cases occurred in hot weather.

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Treatment. — The prophylaxis and treatment are as in active congestion

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1883, vii, 287; 314. — OoHnts (L. 1.) Smertnost ot voz-

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in twenty -four hours, as recorded by Drs. Parkes and Garrod, has

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Judging of their labours by the records of the Koyal Medical

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pubnonary circulation induces congestion in the lungs, a state

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Fekiiaui. Wicn. mcd. Jahrh. ISSS, p. 81.— 43. Hii.i,. Lkoxaiid. P////s. and rath,

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of small amounts of toxins from these foci may have rendered the patient

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subterfuges on the part of the patient, if not supinely yielded to

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croached upon determines the amount of dyspnoea ; in the other, com-

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with the tubercle itself;" Gendrin affirms that " tubercles of the brain

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ducing it might influence the muscular contractions. His first experiments were made

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blood pressure was 150/84. Bimanual pelvic examination

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Since ph37sical fitness has been found to influence profoundly the

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they proceed from the coexisting meningitis, Paralysi

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sion. Such patients should be followed closely for the first two weeks of treat-

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4. Members must find their own bottles, leeches, trusses,

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temperature. 'Ihe record of the pulse, temperature,

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matory induration. In some cases the ulcers unite, the suppuration is

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for their full development — the cerebral and renal forms, doing

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ory a short space must be devoted to the broad ques-

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Alcott, Ralph Waldo Emerson U. S. Med. Coll., '81.. West Hartford.

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have witnessed some slight reaction against salvarsan.

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K)ne dram, Sub-Nitrate of Bismuth one dram. Mix, and divide into twelve

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WBDNE8DAT...St. Mary's, 1 P.M. — Middlesex, 1 p.m.— University

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of the gutters of the streets, and are clothed and fed and shel-

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Shiga antiplague virus, their clothing disinfected, and they are

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human urine is usually acidic fetients receiving ciprofloxacin should be well hydrated, and alkalinity of the urine

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The analogy in the physiological action of arsenic, antimony, and

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with the corpuscles. The latter are often said to contain an excess of

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\ deed the only, recourse in many cases where other

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Hocombe) have replied by forwarding to the same paper a

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additions, noteworthy among which are several excellent