of the Danube, and was entirely unknown in Southern Bavaria
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county, and city-county health departments, is being
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same means the beneficial results thus attained have been con>
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evidence could not be found to confirm the suspicion.
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ment to give an answer. On the receipt of Dr. Burrows' com-
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scribed abscess occurs more frequently in the pulmonary tissue than
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ity of the vagina, these should be dried by pressure of a
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acid. The absence of this was against cancer, as were
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nitrogen, carbonic acid, and sulphuretted hydrogen. Whether there
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appendix, or may spread by direct contiguity over a
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of the disease percussion and palpation show the liver to be considerably
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swelling of the tonsils, most usually of one only; upon this is soon
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Besides the Quarterly Examinations, Examinations of Can-
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8. When the heart is wounded, there is a great cflFusion of blood ; the pul-
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can scarcely realise the baldness and austerity of student life in
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viscera and from mucous surfaces; jaundice; fatty degeneration of the
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emphysema, and to diminish the frequency of attacks of
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But after a week or more there are evidences of vision
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The Ninth Councilor District welcomed Dr. Warren Murry
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lymphocytes) (Plate III). These cells are for the most part a little
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as exam[)les of the "Flexner-Harris" type. Duval and Shorer,
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dkxd comes almost to the middle lina Upon drawing breath, or upon
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Sometimes alcohol appears to act as an exciting cause. " Nothing is more
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bones to the floor of the inferior meatus ; but a passage had been
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diagnosis of chronic ethmoiditis is most difficult.
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topical diagnosis of cerebral diseases, however, is not yet snlficiently developed
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paratus is kept in good worljing order. But the time
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the ears. Where the deformity is great, in consequence
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ance. On removing one it was found to be a fibroma of
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breathing, viz. to inhale as rapidly and fuQy as pos-
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The only other disease requiring mention is whooping-cough. There
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this, as in many other cases, what is want- : bearing on tobacco. Dividing the young
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were extremely constipated, and he complained of a constant burning
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subject of the unsatisfactory state of the Water Supply,
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gold, mercurials, have also been given without material change. Phos-
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to be Staff Surgeon, I'tce William Thomas P^Uiologus, placed upon half-
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business. Then he gradually becomes more and more stupid, muscular twitclH
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