cover children ages 6-18. Recipients will receive full

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of an application to Parliament to eftabhfh the practice of phyfic

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which has been rectified, but not entirely freed from the

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give an anaesthetic and inspect thoroughly the whole

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— Causation — Diagnosis— Prognosis — Treatment. Circumscribed Peritonitis. Chronic Peri-

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and sanitarian have just begun to contribute effectively

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And I can not but believe that several of our so-called contagious

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Pathology. — Hydronephrosis is usually unilateral. The pathologic

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cosuria was probably of the interacinar variety. The ascites was probably

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XVI. — A Case of Osteo-artJiritis of (left) Hip-joint in a

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twenty-seven years of age, on whom he operated with a successful

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fact, from these gentlemen, as well as from Editors and Publish-

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The force used must be firm yet gentle pressure, our

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in reading works of fiction, with a decided preference for

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^* The daughter of this woman (ten years old), some days

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Diagnosis. — Direct. — The friction sound is of positive diagnostic

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water and boric acid, vised ; also weak solutions of hydrogen dioxide

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each of them interesting as illustrating some special

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sentials of the treatment pursued in these cases are as

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found these means to be very beneficial in overcoming the vom-

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nitrate of silver in powder, a small quantity of which

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difficulties have been surmounted. But while these sheets are going through

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infection. Moreover, the fact that many cases of serofibrinous pleurisy

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hemiplegia and the aphasia did not become complete until the ninth day. These

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of a noble Jansenist family of the Netherlands, who gradu-

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iibnormal outlet for the fseces present, it is far better to allow

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is caused by enlargement of the arteries ; and this enlargement is the

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Having described the metanotum, we must now consider the

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of this singular malady. He concludes that hay-fever is essentially a

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tion from street virus to fixed virus is gradual. It is important to note

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surgical ward 24 days after the operation, being able

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a meal, and sometimes so urgently that ho is obliged to leave

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and in whom no adenoids are found (Journ. Laryngol., London, Sep-

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in different subjects ; in some limited to the sheath, and con-

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others by Sir Francis Champneys, who examined the patient with