fering for three or four hours during the passage of a small calculus through
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they constitute the most frequent seat of tuberculosis in cirrhotic subjects.
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the pain was excessive. In several the general symptoms of neu-
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pulse more and more weak, becoming imperceptible. Oct. 17th. — Died this morning.
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parts of the body, of secondary or metastatic tumors of the same structure as
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any slipping, for it is this very thing that is most likely to produce fatal
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but sometimes even in moist parts like the flexures. Limited scaly
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tongue was clean and moist; tbe bowels bad been open
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consequent formation of soft or passive clot, which was apt to
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day of beginning his treatment, as given by Kohts, without a state-
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B. O. A. Right ocdpito-anterior position of the foetus.
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which is chiefly affected by the transverse position of the
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balancing of the trunk in walking. 3. Lumbo-sacral curvature {ensel*
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must remember that it more often depends on defective circulation, and
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upwards to the first motor neurone in certain cases.
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1. Children under two years of age presenting bow-legs
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These are the important factors that make this offer so valuable.
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May 9th. Slept better last night than any night since
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should make this restoration as gradual as possible.
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one completed work entails another more there, but when the muscle is called upon
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showed considerable gastric tympanites. He declared that he could not
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amyloid degeneration ; resulting, in the rectus, occasionally, in
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For the first forty-eight hours the treatment consisted mainly of the
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imitated by nervous affections closely enough to make a
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victim of the ungodly ; or the saviour feels that he must expiate the sins
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severed in the cartilage again becomes adherent to the
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severe pains in the neck, followed by paralysis of the right arm, and later
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