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depend entirely upon the extent of the lesion in the cord. As this

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interstitial neuroglia, the connecting and supporting tissue which lies

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much. I now present the case to the Fellows for examination.

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en^sis liquefia^oiexis, from the sur&ce of bodies

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acute cases the characteristic evidences of neuritis, myelitis, or both may \p'

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scammony, colocynth, croton oil, gamboge, &c. And the milder

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Age may be added as a cause which influences the frequency of the

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If the amount of food consumed a day be known, a certain amount of infor-

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nerve tissue is equal to its action when given in a lower degree

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into ten units from zero in either direction. When the double switch,

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coarse sieve ; stir in a very little wheaten flour to give it body, and brown sugar in the proportion

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wife also swore that her marriage had never been consum-

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tin, Canada, in Brit. Amer. Journ., 1848, quoted in Prov. Aled. Joum.,

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between the ununited ends of bone. By means of this method

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from four to ten days, minus the actual duration of the

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dation as attending such vital changes in the constituent ele-

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of electrification, were repelled. The air so charged constantly

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bloody purulent material. The soft tissues of the incision had

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constantly present, is found principally in inflammation of certain structures

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agus just below the cricoid cartilage. At the opera-

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supply. The principal nutrients are the complex carbohydrates and

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the muscular fibres. Disease of either segment causes loss of voluntary

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of fluid obtained, 3,800 c.c. ; a clear, straw colored liquid, specific gravity 1120.

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in infantile hemiplegia, even with athetosis. Sometimes the patients

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inhaling the jjoisonous emanations from the gangre-

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report of his first cases that gave me the courage to operate in my first

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The jaws are firmly closed, the upper incisors overlapping the lower

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to Tablon, an Indian hamlet on the mountain-side. There

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much less extension in this fatal case than in the two others.

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Birmiiiviham and the Black Country, in Liverpool, Manchester,

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basally banded white; (2) proboscis unhanded; (3) thorax dark

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the fissures are l)eing obliterated. On the other hand

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venient to receive into the Hospital the colored man proposed