(F.'S.) The treatiueiit of compound fractures, incluning

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autumn being the worst seasons ; but he has rarely been confined by them more than

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drawn off, or subsides by evaporation and absorption, and while the earth

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is the incomprehensible reality in the sense of the inscru-

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Typical representatives of the paratyphoid-enteritidis group were

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But delicacy and a liability to pneumonic and other inflammatory

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lost the mortality among the children was 20.2 per cent.

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ness of his conduct, his inflexible integrity, and for the correct perform-

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such terseness and reasonable completeness as to leave

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never to remove the bone, and this deformity always presents an

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source. I will therefore not forget to mention the well-

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all, but if the hands be washed for a minute, the nails will be

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shown by the history of 40 cases of ovarian disease with com-

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tained, 48 the frequency with which the endomyocardial bi-

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I: H. 29C, on certain peculiarities in the reactions of

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MISSOURI MEDICINE/August 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 8 411

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severe chill which was followed by continued fever.

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Speaker of the House, Sybil Hart, called the House of

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of nearly 4000 lives, besides the serious injuries which have unfitted

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give you an exact count of how many busy signals come

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cough. 7. Dr. Ortille relates a case of a woman, in whom

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bit by bit in a diminishing geometrical series throughout all

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liteal artery was found obliterated as far np as the tendon

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signs. Owing to the extreme latency of the condition, and the danger that

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= I wish to say that the eighteen c.ises of gonorrhacal ophthalmia

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Consultation reports must be in writing. Thereafter,

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this comment for did he read this Journal he would know better than to make such a

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Pediatric Neuropsychiatry Conference, second Wednesday, 1:30 p.m., Second Floor Classroom

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the several parts was accomplished, the needle lay on a perfectly-

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the accessory muscles of respiration are prominently brought into play.

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If it is competent for the government to institute specific

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sation of hunger, and in a short time restores the vigour and

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dren, personal visits and distribution of health literature on various

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nature of which you may be in doubt, you will first refer it to

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days, the possibility of introduction of this disease into

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