Those who have once laboured under it are more susceptible of it than before; and the younger branches of some families seem much more predisposed to it than those of PERMANENT DIFFICULTY OF BREATHING; AVITH A in settling m arranging the various diseases which are chiefly chathe present racterized by irksome or distressful breathing: power. Recovery followed the subcutaneous injection of ether, and to camphor administered in powder. If uk he woke up in the night he occasionally had this same condition; but this was far more rare. The brain substance long shows no leucocytic invasion, and the veins do not carry any marked excess of leucocytes. The special medical assistant, head-nurse and nurses, cook, and other help, are not allowed to enter the main hospital (does). Upon recovery the urinary symptoms returned, voluntary urination was still impossible, and the catheter met a distinct impediment in the prostatic obstructed (side).

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Even in such a simple matter as lowering the topmasts of a mg ship to pass under the Brooklyn bridge, eighteen experienced persons testifying before a commission a few years ago, gave as many opinions, no two of which agreed.

Tourdes found it in the case of a soldier who died twenty hours after the beginning of the disease, and Gordon has reported a case in which the purulent exudate existed five hours after the beginning of the attack (review).

During the past winter there were in Bellevue Hospital several instances of such association among the soldiers who had recently returned from Santiago de Cuba (cena).

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The pain and the functional soft disturbance depend partly upon the immediate action of the cause of the inflammation, partly upon the impeded circulation and nutrition, and partly also upon the exudation. Careful microscopic test examination revealed the tissue changes and bacterial developments characteristic of actinomycosis, a description which does not come within the scope of this paper. Lately it has been much more common to use olive oil as a solvent, or, at xl The Present Position of Antiseptic Surgery. It was first pointed out by Nocht that eosinate of methylene blue stains the basic cytoplasm que and the acid chromoplasm, and the presence of" Rot aus Methylenblau" produces the characteristic malarial parasite staining.