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sions obstetricales de rreil et de ses annexes. Ann. d'ocul..

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food should be given for six days, and if the bowels are inclined to

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amount of danger. Dr. Jacobi himself has reported a

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The average highest records in the series at any time after operation

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the works of Mauriac, Mourson, Leudet, Fernet, Bartli, Ausi)itz,

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cially liable to the disease. He thinks (^) that over-feeding, as a

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amount of sputum varies greatly ; it may be foetid, or merely

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tion of the heart with more or less palpitation. The

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In order to demonstrate the presence of sulphocyanides, it is usually

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prompt and continuous administration of large doses

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etiological deductions. Over 2,000 lepers were per-

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spreading neuritis soon involved the entire body, causing

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passing it around, but not over, the box. As soon as the splint has become

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remains the double action of the flanks, the dry, rough muzzle,

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neurotic oedema, except that in both there is infiltration of the subcutaneous

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years, subject also to annual re-election, and at the end of

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Tills Report makes a creditable volume of some seven

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In general it can be said that the cold bath is a true

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leuco-base was oxidized into the hydrochloride and then studied.

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nervation we know but little. In some of | opaque appearance, and in many a pallid

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Treatment; Phlegmasia Dolens ; Diseases and Deformities of the Coccyx;

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have done much to elucidate the mechanism of the heart's

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the articles used into the opening of the ulcer, by

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This is a contagious disease, dependent upon exposure to

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they probably perform some important office in the animal

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small steps and hopping, as though he were running after his centre of

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only firmer strands which will not yield to such meas-

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The fibers for deep muscle sense (postural recognition, spacial dis-

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have been consulted and whose names might be cited, men who have

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The rapid and marked response to the test substance in some

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had very little respect for the medical profession, and

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the surgeon must take the initiative; and if it is a

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presence of figures of karyokinesis, a little more numerous

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0.47 per thousand for the Negroes. The Negroes furnished 40 per

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Now in this time there could not have been formed any putrid

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water, and the experiment was perfectly successful, the


and was by him created a baron. He was the author of a

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languor and indifference which physicians often find hard to cope with.

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back into scrotum. If not noticed at the time, and it gets large,