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the interlobular spaces at the expense of the lobules, and thus diminishes
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the inguinal glands were rarely enlarged ; (4) the disease was common in
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some years Leicester has experienced a higher rate of mortality
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lish language on the subject of the hygiene of schools, he though it would
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principles, so often mentioned, the taking the eflcct for the cause.
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they most usually involve the lower or floating ribs.
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The latter would be less conspicuous and give better support, with or
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dental violence having been inflicted during the operation, such as
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of calm." This is to be reckoned as the second stage of the disease, the
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It should prove profitable and beneficial for the spare moments
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Fig. 298.— Negro Patient in the Early rare in our experience.
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bad no dazzling qualities. He loved to investigate the truths of science
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teorism ; cause better marked as ochlesis ; seldom occurs sporadically ;
sounded by a white spot. On January 23, 1883, there was a
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The subscribe™ are associated for the purpose of giving Medical Instruction. Student* will hsj
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of antigen has been used, a certain proportion of positive results has
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integral parts of universities, institutions that have worked
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died in 18t5 was CO years; of forty baronets, I'.oJ years; and of
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any inconvenience whatever from the use of it. I hope to be able to test
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its course, there is a secondary oedema of the brain, as a result of
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What was syphilis in the parent and located about the organs of
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the patient lie^ comatose or convulsed ; the respira-
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dition of the urine in this respect was noted, in only one case was albumen
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Unless the strength is supported by proper feeding we cannot expect
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also fourteen thirty seconds of an inch. Measurement of
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for expulsion of the bismuth contents. At present it seems to us
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intolerance of light, great congestion of the mucous membrane
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Disease. By John Macpherson, M. D., late Deputy-Inspector General of Hos-
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its arrangements and appointments is peculiarly well adapted
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College, and Dr F. C. Waite, of the Medical Department of the
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Institution now constitute a full and eminently able Board of In-
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plasm, or, if this is not to be had, wheat flour boiled in the same manner.
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chinery to a very simple and effective mechanism. Given a
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Ti-iEEMAL Death Point of Milk Enzymes. — The influence of
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pulse pressure) differs fundamentally in principle from the measurement of the pulse
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nerve the contraction of the muscle supplied by that nerve
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of the iris, at the place of its union with the choroid, sclerotic, and
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easily traced. From the position of the placenta I judged the
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rakcnlng, being more or loss confused. Successive periods of som-
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Casualty Clearing Station in France, on 12th January 19 18, com-
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denly felt a severe pain, and, as he termed it, " a
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of a vegetable growth, but writers are not yet agreed as to the condi-
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strips of the same material are led to the mesentery. The
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evidence in a clear and calm manner. It was received, and upon it chiefly
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is constantly forming and undergoing oxidation. The incoming quinine causes
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symptom of other complications occurrinjy in the cyst.
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of mercury. The aA^erage capillary between 35 and 45 millimeters,
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