made in Dissecting a stiff Joint of the Knee." And, lastly, a letter, dated March 5th

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abnormal conditions of the nose and throat, which are its

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the belief that there is proper hepatic action, when in fact it is

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When the urethra of a patient, v,'ho has been subject

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their earlier stages, in which the change in the blood picture is

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infection, the inflammation is limited to the most anterior

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the disease. In other words, recovery takes place from that

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in which the pain and misery are so great, that an operation

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days duration. It appears that illicit distillers and venders of

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or any of its preparations into his system, either by the mouth or

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strengthens and confirms the truth of the views for which we have,

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caution be observed in washing the eye to prevent translation of the mat-

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another on Gonorrhoaz; that of Dr. Foster for one on Diet, and that

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Description : Vellum, i3^X9f, ff. 156, originally ff. 158, well written in an Italian hand,

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ver* This, the practitioner soon learns, but the unpracticed phy-

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also derived from a common type of cell, which differs from

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of diplococci. But it is of no use in testing the value of a

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" An account of the culture and management of saffron in England," published in Philosophical

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Elements of Surgery* — By Robert Liston, Surgeon to the North

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Le problème, à notre avis, ne se situe donc pas au niveau de la légitimité de

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been supposed, that a small portion of acetate of lead was thus

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made in the study of tuberculous affections. Their pathology and

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