total leukocytes were 28,000; October 6, 47,000. Then came a standstill
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readily the body is taken up from an aqueous solution by the cell con-
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taken from the jugular vein, and the human blood collected in a paraffined
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the liver cell or is produced by decomposition of bilirubin in the
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were brought in in the last stages and died a few hours after the
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and quick movement, preventing the arm from pronating, car-
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observation for an indefinite period and the dosage of benzol will be modified
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show the fallacy of deductions such as those recently made by Hess and
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blood. They have been almost without exception cases of lobar
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ally enclosing mononuclear cells and forming fibrous bands sur-
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attack. In some there is rise of temperature only; in others,
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of the past two years we now feel that 0.2 gram or 0.3 gram sal-
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or limiting the spread of new bone formation across the gap. Some method
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the left to the right. There were numerous areas of pulmonary turbidity,
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threatens, may be again considered when treating on succeeding
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ment is required, and the insufflations should only be resumed when the
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demonstration by Drs. Peabody and Butterfield that in certain
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of carcinoma susceptibility. In Levin's study of cancerous frater-
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which may produce its effect in subduing the diathesis of stimu-
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being generally favourable, it proves fatal to certain families;
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those consisting of material either desiccated or warmed, or treated with
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Carr has studied the records of 148 cases diagnosed as pernicious
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Jackson, H. hypertensive cardiovascular disease, 385
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On a Species of Premature Labour, By Walter Channing,.
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from April, nothing whatever passed her bowels till September,
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development of carcinoma, and in the other two cases the carcinoma
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although immunologically identical strains may occur in the same patient.
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action of the depressor sera and a brief report of the results is
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The first injection of any extract of fresh goitre, as of most ex-
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According to Lereboullet and Mouzon, tardy infantilism in the adult of
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