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against eating rapidly, and the principles of "Fletch-
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interesting matter for future observation whether a stump, with the
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doses of morphia or opium. The nurse was accordingly directed
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tinued well, they were made to leave their bed at least
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tomically locate the traces of older lesions to cor-
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we have Drs. Jarvis and Curtis, of Boston ; Snow, of Providence ;
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with a diseased capsule or diseased osseous structures. The muscled
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ance to heat and cold, and to a thousand other destructive
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dominal wounds only ; six in which the spleen alone
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191 3, complaining of gradually increasing fullness
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of socalled neuralgia, when the source of irritation
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valued for its property of promptly arresting putrefactive processes.
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points, .fttkd th\il| heemorrhage is less severe, than when the &cial
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should be unscrewed and taken in the right hand ; the
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and a third attack, two years ago, without external abscess, but
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The difficulties of lithotomy in the adult are, I apprehend, largely
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now become an established practice in various obstinate neuralgic
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posing tissues. Infestation by maggots occurs only in
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of the personally infectious poisons, or contagions ; though, with
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Northeast Branch of the County Medical Society ; Sec-
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indicate absorbed poison, and the animal is weak and
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alkalies which he had investigated. He was sure that no other
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jthe soft tissues around ? for here (Fig. 9) is a condition in which
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'ihe purity of this girl's love for him which makes
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of mucous glands and islets of hyaline cartilage could only
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relief of ptosis and its attendant toxemia frequently
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Dr. Tucker, from Richmond, arrived on Saturday, and all that
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offer an opinion on the results of cranioplasty ap-
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that they had no hospital equipment to spare so the
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FRic S. Lke, Ph. D., LL. D., Dalton Professor of Physi-
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To those to whom he was the dearest on earth, from childhood to
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most skillful theological, legal and medical teachers of the present
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conjunctivally and instilled into the nose of a mon-
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commonly, however, the fall was by rapid lysis after
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land stand solemn witnesses to their ravages. Read in the literature
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