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bridle, whiih it is not always easy to do. When, however, muscular resist-
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Absenc<; congCnit.ale du p6i'on6. Policliu., Brux., 1899,
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thesia, Shaw discusses those cases in which the influence of a
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fever may stop after several days or even weeks, the signs of total or
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pujiil is larger than its follow luul fails to react to light or in accoimiioda-
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toms, such as headache and dizziness, but constantly threaten such serious
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calls for but little nourishment; it should be given only, and when the
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providing flexibility in the relocation of equipment and functions, being color-
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All practical physicians are agreed that one of the most important
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rial papule destined to become gangrenous. I would add that in
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Vallin, Ellis, &c. ; and in 1S78 a discussion upon it
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Entered March 7, 1902, as Second-Class Matter, Post-office at Cleveland, Ohio, under Act of
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as Section 24 provides that any person who has invented or discovered
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arseniuretted, and antiraoniuretted hydrogen, which further decompose the
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Ehia, 5,487, or 18.3% of that number, died within one year of
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channel through which it penetrates into the system : a principle
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phentermine base) taken after the first meal of the day. Use in
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place among the studies dealing with the mode of infection in polio-
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the artery, and by the formation of the coagula, or clots of blood ;
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falling out of fibers and the sievelike rarefaction produced
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thick layer of false membrane. The upper lobe contained an abscess
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they are a very common cause of post-partum hemorrhage. Myomata of
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by Dr. Gorde. The subject of the case was a woman of from fifty-five
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7J?'o re nata. I have seen much relief given in this way, and, as yet, no
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It is not my intention to dwell upon well established practices in
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The ligatures and instruments which were used and the
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muciparous glands of the colon, which under some abnormal
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each of our medical colleges. The students who now attend the dental schools
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snuffed up the nose; if this fails an astringent should be added to
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iiHieof»i BMmbrane of intestines ecehymoeed^ blood did not
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to use this method ; either immediately after confinement or
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eggs, etc. — must form approximately one-fifth part by
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inflamed. We had rather, without losing sight of the necessity