1. Faucial Diphtheria. — The mucosa is at first reddened and there
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operation. He saw no reason why evacuation of the retained blood from
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at once separated from the cord at birth, and 100 later ; mostly after separa-
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glandular metastases of carcinoma he finds numerous
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of the first and the second temporal convolutions, also a very small portion
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I trust that the results I have placed before you will serve as
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the apex of the other lung, thence extending downward. Different collec-
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The following are the grounds upon which Professor Skoda has diagnosed a
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Dublin, first discovered and made known to the profes-
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pints if the day is raw and windy, the atmosphere saturated with dampness, and is
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Chronic Sinusitis. — The chronic form of sinusitis is
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from his stomach as before ; but in the course of a few days the vomit-
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tion is more pronounced in the former. The difference is probably largely
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usually eight or ten days, before attempting any except the lightest
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In some cases the abscess has no proper wall ; the jdus is simply con-
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principles ; but without any favorable result ; the patient lingers still ; then other prin-
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ger ( S. V. ) Medico-legal testimony. Times & Eeg.,
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himself: " Smoking tobacco or stramonium is sure to give relief,
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ercised : but do not let us sanction the conversion
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leisure. It should be noted by those who are ambitious of
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xvii, 177-187, 1 pi.— Routh (A.) Primary cancer of the
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Loeffler bacillus is not always present, and is not its sole
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The function of all organs so far as the effect is con-
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"General Anaesthesia with Spinal Reference to its Use in Traumatic
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this article, viz: — That there is no certain dependence to be placed
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Greneral proportions of the lotion--to one wineglassful of water, ten