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the treatment of diseases as well as any other line. The

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ment. The cost of the current controller that he had ex-

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A little atom bounded by a wall like that of an egg, and

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Tweedy, ophthalmic surgeon to University College Hospital.

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tincture, records no effects, while No. 5 (A. B. I.) yields a long

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the ardent feelings of an enthusiast, and the loyalty of a faithful

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constipation. When first seen, he was much emaciated

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question of medical charity abuse than many imagined.

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little importance in what order these are examined — the chief point is,

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antero-posterior diameter, as much as possible, was throughout

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cation is when the cholodochus is occluded by a calculus difficult to

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nues three days; she does not seem to have any special

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suitable for excision. By rapid operative work, short-

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unfortunate victims, and to-day many of our households are feeling

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that time (about six months ago) till the present there has

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the exudate, but usually it is composed chiefly of polyblastic cells of

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convalescence and caused renewed attacks of diphtheria,

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a founding partner of New Haven Orthopedic Surgeons in

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toneum occurs. Another local complication of ulcerative

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7.30. Extubation is usually carried out at a respiratory

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abijity of the vascular walls. — BvitMi Mediail Juur-

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Similar collections take place, less frequently, on the left side,

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promotion of public health " stands second on the list of

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frequent is one which is now believed by most pathologists to be a more or

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tioned by all who have fully witnessed my teaching, or repeated

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ordered a second venesection to a similar amount, because " he found

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iiiglit. In some cases there is rigidity of the muscles, an(

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the fabric warm than a great blaze for a few hours ; and, after

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other disinfectant and then pare the com or callus down with a sharp

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separated by an intermission or remission, without jaundice, albu-

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had so frequently been examined by others. The great difference between the

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has rapidly spread, and now reaches from the right temple, the eye being com-

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brethren in general, and Professor Richet, who was named as

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monkey to blink, wink, or squint ; to dance, hop, skip, or jump ;

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the due performance of all the bodily functions, and secretion

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