yet a more methodical, a better adapted method of keeping a physi-

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acute cerebral softening from syphilis, was six months.

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similar substance was coughed up, of less bulk, and accompa-

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are makeshifts. 2. Anchorage of the uterus by means

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Permit me in closing to express my appreciation of the

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and the degree of its sufficiency surmised therefrom. This pro-

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unquiet and disturbed, from the process of digestion being interfered with,

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frequently affected. Irregular swaying movements of the limbs, the trunk,

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edges into contact. The hernia, he says, should simply be covered

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came under my observation, February 10, when he was

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9th rib ; in children it usually passes entirely below the

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Case X. — A seaman, set. 22, born in United States, entered the hospital

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sive granulation, which I was obliged to cauterize with the solid

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features. In, rosacea considerable thickening of the true skin occurs,

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extension of their views by the more recent w^ork of Low^ and

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the amount of concussion the labyrinth has suffered. When the

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in the male at five, in the female at four and a half lines ; the thick-

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hot. I drank copiously from the small springs on the sides of the

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occasioned by the formation of cellulo-fibrous adhesions, the only

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furthermore, that no relation exists between it, the intensity of the

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The effect is permanent under ordinary conditions, but may

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mit the retention in the vagina of as much of the alkaline

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long distances to be traveled, and the constant daily work, in all

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A man fell from the second story, striking upon his buttocks. He

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such habits as cleanliness, good teeth, food, sleep,

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artificial wounds in the iris. The action of the tuber-

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by symptoms referrible to the heart. It is obvious, however, that the

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The manner in which lead is handled makes a vast difference so far

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is interesting. During the attack the condition cannot be induced,

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case might show that the woman had been in contact with a

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2* Sec N.idaud, Des Paralysics Obst^tricalcs des Nouveau-n&s.