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somewhat. At the New York FoundHng Hospital, for instance, the

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t>. Obliteration of Liver Dullness in Acute Perforation of the

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1851.] T)^\s, Medical Education and Institutions. ^ 451

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tion, established three years ago, more especially for the

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Although under the Post Surgeon, he has freedom of independent

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and secretions; i. e., the state of the liver and bowels.

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Eegion, in a Woman, aged 24 ... ••• ••• ••• ^'^^

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tuberculosis of the conjunctiva have been reported where the

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Mental excitement should be guarded against, and nu-

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The temperature falls after repeated and violent evacuations; it

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It may not be out of place, in concluding our ha«ty

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Georgiana Dvorak Theobald, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Ophthalmology.

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involved in the inflammatory process, and fatal haemorrhage is the result,

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The course of instruction will embrace a full series

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I propose to say a few words to women approaching the

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