hare-lip and lissure of the palate. He operated hVst on the right, and
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mal. In some cases the infarction may be entirely healed, and nothing
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nausea or any sign of digestive disturbance, but acute epigas-
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tin^csd, *' the tench's mouth"- (so called fh)m its
such a manner that the wound will remain aseptic. He
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been liberally granted ; and, to complete the wise and
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tion of water. The three periods of the experiment, i. e., the preliminary, water
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the cervix and allowing it to glide up to the anterior
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hand a keratoid-looking mass has appeared, but of this we
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biemorrhage on the couch lost a considerable amount on being put
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Nerve ledums are induced by the presence of the bacilli within and around
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gone, and her surface becoming cold. Dark bluish-purple spots of varying
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kingdom were in the shape of powders. This primitive notion
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rather a button. His opinion was, that though the com-
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Pultz, Monro.- T.. Stanfordville, Dutchess Co. Pounder.
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and ovary would distinctly indicate an active malig-
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sponse to a iii cc's thoughtless reply. A special note
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of annual meeting papers, are the sole property of The
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Experiments on the Antiseptic Action of the Salts of Copper. — M.
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mucous membrane and the perforations of the bladder
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ciently from the tender organ threatened with lesion. Ilydrocephalus
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enfeebled, vasectomy is to be chosen. Still greater age, with marked
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of Medicine. They are also exempted from the Preliminary Examinations
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ously; mind seemed dull and ap«^thetic; speech slow and dragging but no aphasia;
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an appearance so peculiar as to be truly thanatognomonic, and this
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geon general, described a meeting with his old surgical
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self and father, for the continuous irrigation of deep cavi-
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it would be a misfortune if the revival of symphyse-
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fetid, and somewhat viscid fluid, derived fVom liquid nutriment which had not passed
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country; but, unfortunately, it was not only eaten, but
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vascular. The first group will include osseous, sarcomatous, and carcino-
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uneasy nights to himself as well as to the family. Fortunately, since
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later days among the few friends that remained to him, such as
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Jour. Exper. Med., 1921, 34, 47; Physiological Causes for the Varied Character of
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Joaquin County Medical Society and was presented with an
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Vegas. Fri-Sat. Contact: Deborah Wilderson, Educational Coordi-