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after the attack, and still more rarely it remains incomplete. It
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nerves were exposed, and although the boracic-acid ointment
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While various observers as Ewald, Riegel, Martins, have shown that
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detached. The disease could here be studied in all its different phases.
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repetition of preceding experiments, with similar results.
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to produce a cure, to prepare for the ideal cure by excision. Modi-
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had adopted Tufnell's treatment he had prescribed the quantity of solids
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all the ground you choose, but do not be so generous to
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able Man — Professor Chas. A. L. Reed— A Sketch. I. N.
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The Diagnosis of Typhoid Fever. — Dr. J. E. Graham,
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instantaneous and so widespread an alarm as the cry of ' ' Fire ! '
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making the pitient unconscious of the pressure and pain.
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a few seconds. In the beginning of the paralytic stage there is decided
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wet pack applied to the knee will be useful, if cold causes pain.
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the legal authorities, some of the highest, on the plea of law ; the
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internal secretion, and that its function is to guide the attach-
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trophy affecting the right ventricle, the latter being extremely rara lU
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from it. He profcribes it altogether, and advifes its to truft to
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A Treatise on Diseases of the Skin, For the use of Advanced Students
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The leading meteorological features of the climates of Pan, Rome, and Ma-
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Again, one must remember that in removing the ovaries for
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even in the healthy condition of the thorax. And this might
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stituted health authorities exist, to prepare and trans-
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to these disorders, and the frequency with which affec-
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had been described very thoroughly in Dr. Southworth's
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of urine without distillation; but, according to the author's experience,
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is only another instance of the difficulty that sometimes
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not merely escapes, but owe their origin to the same cause as
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descent of the diaphragm, pressing the viscera down with
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nine months was 9% . 8 A North Carolina study found that the
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flicted, or absorption took place ; and from this point it is pro-
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abdominal wall and looked iu or felt in, and closed it?
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and cholestyramine are similar; constipation occurs fre-
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Portions I, II, and IV showed clouding at forty-eight hours.
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of smallpox. Hebra first described this rare eruption under a name origin-
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treated three times, receives 2 c.c. horse-serum in the auricular vein; after one
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means of disposing of the fecal discharges of the inhabitants tlian by