tion may also be the result of hyjDcrtrophy of the glandular layer, which thus

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opment of pneumonia or pulmonary gangrene. If the oesophagus is rupt-

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no circumstances must it be used where it is likely to be retained. In

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and hyaline and granular casts are very often present, indeiJendent of renal

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more, the enlarged thyroid gland will move with the larynx on degluti-

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times remain quiescent for several years, and again break out anew.

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atropliy of chronic parenchymatous nephritis with the cachexia of other

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Morbid Anatomy. — The anatomical changes in interstitial hepatitis begin

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where the surroundings are unhealthy and depressing, or whose family

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partj or the lymph is conveyed from one to the other by direct transmis-

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geal exudation are present in a suspected case of oesophageal diphtheria,

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Hunter's method of ligation of an arter3 r for aneurysm.

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of others, producing partial or complete dislocations. Furthermore,

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may be required. Bacteria constitute the most important factor in

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mal site of the gall-bladder. Slight pressure over it gives pain.

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assumes the appearance of one in the last stages of pulmonary phthisis. If

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laryngitis are the following : croupous laryngitis, or membranous croup, is

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less distinct. By the end of the first week the remission can no longer be

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artery forceps, it will be found brittle and will break off. The elastic