above all, to the internal exhibition of opium. In addition to this,
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painful menstruation have not reported their subsequent preg-
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tion of any kind, and more efpecially how the abftradlion of the
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Finsen's method was to concentrate the sun's rays by means of
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It steadily brings the whole system away from the danger
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fractures, and other injuries involving the cervical vertebrae and
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vesicles, often as soon as the latter are discoverable. The vesicles are
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So far, then, our knowledge appeared to extend until the attention lately be-
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to appearances suggesting branching (pseudo-ramification). The
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pearance of shock, and made no complaint of pain. As he lav
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majority of cases it was more or less enlarged and softened, presenting a
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into the body of a mosquito before further development is possible.
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may be less likely to see alcoholism diagnosed and treated
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curable. In men it is often curable by an operation on
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viously been reduced to a mere thread. Prior ^'"- JSk^'^^^xTw?^'"
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of the Apothecaries' Hall to act as a pharmacien, and
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culty. The volume of the injection should be measured
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patients are given an “induction” course of high doses to
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special branch of Diseases of Children. The anatomy
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heartily welcome you to this winter's course of study,
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propagation of the disease in that region ; but, like brands
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If there be nasal catarrh with discharge, it is well to syringe the nos-
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complete, not a vestige of normal or diseased tissue remaining in them, though
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Three years ago, she was accidentally kicked in the left groin. Soon
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any instruments passed into the urethra, not even the
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traction of the pupil. He has used an aqueous solution of the hydro-
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avail to insure competent education and efficient examin-
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Henry Cooper, 15, Hanover-street, Leicester; William Bulgiu, Bland-
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predict; thus, the effects on individual allotments
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mental Disabilities facility, he/she may feel more comfort-
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undergoing it without peril and the vitality of the fetus should not be compromised
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h&nd, after experiencing an itching all over the body for eight days, he
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case of necessity we shall not hesitate to resort to it. But the excision
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difficulty is met with when an attempt is made to close the
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1886, 3. s., iii, 499-509. . Bxpos6sommairedutraii..-Mnent
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tions like septic disease, syphilis, tuberculosis, etc. In addition,
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superior helpfulness of surgery. And, fortunately, the vital questions
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methods of keeping them in healthy action is the one
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commented on by Sir Robert Xapier, and on his recommenda-
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has no action, the chromaffin (suprarenal) part has the usual effect (S.
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months afterwards, is natural, with the cuticle firm. If the
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be stated. In another case, the anaesthesia having been carried
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persons about fifty years of age having been oftenest attacked. J. L.
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In the higher grades of dysentery, the evacuations succeed each
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not be illiterate. This test will occasionally exclude a full professor