thrown into vibrations in harmony with the valve, but of
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remain comparatively undeveloped, and still more certainly when each
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produce convulsions in children predisposed to them.
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of the complaint? in our author's words, " what is the enlarge-
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sometimes that is actually effective. This resistance
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who had met death by violence, starvation, or exposure
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On the model from this impression the " atelle " is modelled in
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ceed to illustrate the diagnostic possibility of the stereo-radio-
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Tumour. — A swelling. Tumours are of various kinds, from a
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fifty years of age ; his hair is not at all grey, and what is al-
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As described by Michel, McDaniel, Norcum, Webb, and other observers
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subsequent symptoms, therefore we have got to learn
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bones, and especially when they involve the neighbor-
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with other muscles did not, however, bear out this con-
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retain its virulence under these circumstances, and what extent
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nerve centres, produces serious nerve symptoms. Another
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found in one or another of the treatises upon the sub-
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tion : both were undeveloped, and bifurcated up to their
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physiological processes by our therapeutic agents designed
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Case IV.— September 14, 1920. Patient erect. (See page 38.)
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neurasthenia to which this advice was very applicable.
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quickened notwithstanding the violence of the outbreak, and there is
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the bone. If the fracture is quite oblique, the suture is passed around
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consider the case to be one of peripheral extent and ori-
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Well-marked arteriosclerosis. Extremities cold. Pupils equal and react nor-
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be is better without. If he is careless, and disposed to routine, and sat*
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familiar to all Americans but which was obscured by the
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of wilted and rotting potatoes, turnips, apples and other varieties of fruits
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matous limb. When cut into, it is of a livid blood colour; in-
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The flatulencv often proves stubborn, but I have seen
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see upon the examination of the specimens before you. The liur, you