force ; callufl already formed, gradually giving way.
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to the cardiac plexus of nerves, from which it radiates frequently into the
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often at this period or later paralysis of the muscles of the jaw, with
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great good by reducing the general temperature and aiding free perspira-
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terstice. Twenty-four hours after the application suppuration had
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import. The resistance of the brains of different individuals to retro-
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leukocytes. In nodular broncho-pneumonia the individual foci vary in size,
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this part of the bowel, in case of need, from the nearest point, namely,
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use of massage may be maintained for a length of time without endan-
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Sensory aphasia is divided into word-deafness, or loss of power of
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hysterical palsies of the most severe type may exist without other symp-
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himself up, and sinks into the quiet forgetfulness of normal sleep.
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apt to judge hurriedly and unwisely; for whether success or misfor-
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epididymis, the latter becoming infected by the passage of bacilli from
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Hysterical paralysis is very frequently accompanied with disturbances
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by insensible gradations, and who shall say where the dividing line is
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weight, great reduction of the muscular strength, a feeble, small, quick
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The local application to the spine of long, thin rubber bags containing
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These things being so, it must be that intellectual memory shall exist