t.vphoiil fever. Med. News, Pliila., 1890, Ivi, 616-624.—

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ing when breathing 7 per cent of oxygen. Ano^er subject, who

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by red cells, many of which are nucleated; this phenomenon v.

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ishment of children. But not only the quality, also the quantity of the

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his legs out), and does not change it, or, at most, now and then rocks his

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county medical society, formed in compliance with the state law, is peculiar in that

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sense of justice and right, deliberate action, and firm

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be resorted to. In fibroid liver mineral waters were not

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pearance of some of these symptoms, send for another

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and they had not lived together for sometime; he was also very much de-

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light and shade. This impression is from the first edition of the set, which was not published

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La Pointe, John William Henry Laval Univ., Montreal, '92. . . Meriden.

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the necessity of going to a distance, and who had treated her with

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zoated Oxide of Zinc Ointment should be applied constantly, and all irri-

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Westminster School and the Abbey Cloisters, and for some days there

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that Agnes was an adulterous chihl, and therefore not Mr. S.'s

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been no stricture nor cystitis, except what might he

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in whose lungs cavities have formed go down rapidly there

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manner, as though it was a useless appendage. There was considerable atrophy of the

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of acid, whereby the proteolytic activity of the Perez bacillus is

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inner aspect of the elbow-joint and retained by two plaster collars,

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Resolutions adopted by the Columbus Academy of Medicine

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eased state, which has its origin in the exhalent tissues. But thougl

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enlarged uterus pressing upon the veins and checking the return

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and heart, and always visible fluidity and dark colour of the blood.

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lessness, and the pain ; and then a full dose of neutral salts, or of

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Rollins, Vance B., Henderson; Univ. of Pa., 1932; U.N.C 1932

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large, or disproportionately small compared with the muscular

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CHILDREN AND ITS TREATMENT. By M. Neustakdtkb, MJ)., Ph J). 267

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The numbers and types of personnel on duty during the fiscal year 1967 were

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While in Albert Lea he was offered a position as surgeon in a Brooklyn hospital,

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bed and promptly replying to all my questions. Still, speaking

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a good deal according to the particular method in which blood-

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Opium is conflicting. More recently Bromide of Potassium' and Chloral Hydrate have

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its utmost degree, smelling fun, whilst his mouth was pursed up like a

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